Flash&Backup 3.0.9:

Fixed bug with "Read data" button.

New versions of tools released:

Flash&Backup 3.0.8 - it is now a freeware!

Funlight Editor 2.2.8 - L7e support added.


M-Explorer is a tiny and easy-to-use file manager for Motorola phones.
You can browse your Motorola phone in two different modes P2K and OBEX

Using M-Explorer allows you to organise files on your phone more easily and quickly, as well as copy, move or delete them in seconds.

For an application to aid you in the task of managing files on your Motorola phone quickly and efficiently, then look no further than M-Explorer. With a simple to use interface, this file manager is suitable for even those who are less experienced using mobile technology. Download the latest version for free using the link below.


  • full access to the file system (P2K mode)
  • access to audio, video and picture folders only (OBEX mode)
  • melody uploading automatically updates the melody database (OBEX mode)
  • unicode characters are supported (OBEX mode)
  • high transfer speed (OBEX mode)


    Download the latest version: 0.9.6

    Interface screenshots

    Available languages

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Italiano
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

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